Dubai - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Nov-Feb: Excellent weather (mid-to-high 20s, dropping to 15 at night; occasionally drops to 10 degrees, and the entire city pulls out jackets and sweaters, while Canadians are still walking around in shorts...) Mar-Apr; Oct: warm, some days hot, but not as humid May-Sept: increasingly hotter and more humid. - Mar 2021

June - September: Indoor season March-May; October-November: Beach season December-February: Desert season - Jan 2021

There are about 5 months out of the year where it is very unpleasant to be outside even in the early morning or evening. June, July, August, September you can expect temperatures of 100+ degrees every day and during the summer it's not unusual to have stretches of time where it is 110+ degrees every single day. The other 6-7 months out of the year are lovely but be prepared not to want to spend any time outside from May through September. - Dec 2016

See above. It is really really hot in the summers - 43 Celsius or 115 Fahrenheit on a regular basis. You can't breathe in that kind of heat. It severely limits outdoor activity in the summer and can be claustrophobic at times. Most expats that can escape in the summer. - Jul 2013

There is never much rain. From October to May it is moderate -- warm during the day and tepid at night -- but from June through September it is VERY hot - Aug 2011

Very, very hot in Summer. You really can't be outside for too long. Sadly, the aircon inside malls and offices is usually far too cold so you jump from one extreme to another. A cardigan or pashmina is a must all year round. Winter is very pleasant. - Jan 2011

The weather is hot and humid from end of March through mid November. Because of the humidity, it does not cool off at night. The humidity diminishes slightly during the heat of the day, but you will always experience high humidity. In October people start talking about how it should be getting cooler, and in March they start complaining about the how it wasn't this hot the same time last year. This is bollocks; we all just suffer from selective memory loss--probably due to the heat. From mid-November to mid-March it is cooler. Some days you can even put on a jacket. Every once in a while it rains, and when it does, problems ensue. There is no sufficient storm-water drainage system. Schools have closed due to water pooling causing traffic jams. Your home is also not built to withstand a vigorous gardener who likes to clean your windows, let alone rain. Water pools in your house, running into it through poorly-sealed casing around windows/doors, etc. Last winter we had a Biblical-type flood from the upstairs that ran down the stairs and walls to pool in our entryway. If we could have cooled it sufficiently, we could have had a hockey match on the vast expanse of ice. - Sep 2009

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