Dubai - Post Report Question and Answers

How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

You do not need Arabic, though of course, it would help to know the basic greetings. Arabic would come in handy for regional travel (especially the Levant, Egypt and Oman, where English is spoken, but less well and prevalently). Arabic classes are available but I didn't take any. - Mar 2021

English is the language of communication in Dubai. You will likely never need Arabic but there are classes available throughout the city or through the Consulate. - Jan 2021

English is the language of Dubai. You don't need any other language. - Dec 2016

None! Do not bother learning more than a few phrases of Arabic. You will not use it. Farsi or Hindi are more useful for everyday life. I really don't know why there are Arabic designated jobs in Dubai. - Jul 2013

None - Aug 2011

English is the main language of Dubai. I've learnt some Arabic but there are very few people to practice on. If you speak English you'll be fine. - Jan 2011

English is the language spoken here. If you are tyring to learn Arabic, you will find it difficult to practice. Even the road signs are written in English and then Arabic. However, when you leave Dubai to travel to other emirates you will find that having the ability to read Arabic comes in handy. - Sep 2009

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