What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Can be more expensive and complicated than other posts since everyone in Dubai is an expat. Household help generally involves sponsoring someone for a residency visa. - Dec 2016

Easily found. Affordable. Mostly ladies from the Philippines and India. Many exact families have live-in help and most apartments and villas will have a maids quarters. - Jul 2013

Lots of nannies are available on the market, for prices ranging from 900 AED per month to 2000 AED per month. Philippine nannies tend to be more expensive because of their better language skills. Check out expatwomensforum.com for details - Aug 2011

Very readily avialabe and inexpensive. You can hire for all sorts of positions. - Jan 2011

Domestic help is common. You must sponsor the person, pay for the visa and provide transportation to "home" each year. Cleaning services are also available at a cost of approx 25-30 AED/hr. These services can also be routinely scheduled. - Sep 2009

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