Dubai - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Yes. The metro can get VERY crowded during rush hour; you will be packed in like sardines, and more people will try to get on at each station. The metro is quick, though it will not be sufficient to get around in Dubai. Buses are safe but come infrequently. If you don't drive, Uber/Careem/taxis will be your best best. - Mar 2021

Yes, all safe. Taxis are also pretty cheap. The metro and bus routes are extremely cheap, clean, and nice, but they can’t get you many places quickly. It would be very hard to live car-free from the villas. - Jan 2021

Yes. Taxis and metro are safe and reliable. - Dec 2016

Safe and affordable metro. Safe and relatively affordable taxis. - Jul 2013

Taxis are affordable and the metro is cheap. I have never have taken a bus, but there is an extensive bus system. - Aug 2011

Taxis are cheap and readily available. There are good buses around which are clean and safe. The metro is pretty good but has limited access and stops which make it less useful than other forms of public transport. - Jan 2011

The metro just opened in early September 2009. I've yet to use it because there isn't parking nearby. You need to take a taxi or bus to the metro, but they are safe and affordable. However, taxis can be in short supply during the exibition season (October through April) when the city if flooded with tourists. - Sep 2009

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