Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

None. Good public transportation with wheelchair access. Clean, modern streets and sidewalks. Building with ramps, etc. - Jul 2013

If you have a car, probably not many. I think the metros are handicap-accessible and almost all apartments and office buildings have parking with elevator access. As Dubai is a modern city, the infrastructure seems designed to accommodate wheel chairs, etc. - Aug 2011

The city offers very little in the way of accommodations when out of doors; it isn't a city for pedestrians, let alone the disabled. However, indoors you will find better accommodations (elevators, and sometimes larger bathroom stalls, etc.), but not extensively. One doesn't see many with disabilities, but not because they aren't here. More likely, they don't get out much; therefore, there isn't a big push to make the city accessible. - Sep 2009

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