Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Yes. Similar gender issues in Dubai as the rest of the Gulf. Very few female Emiratis in management positions in the workforce. People of African or South Asian heritage will find strong prejudice in the community. Jobs are listed by cultural heritage or nationality rather than qualification in the classified sections (ie wanted- Arab woman to fill publishing position in top firm OR for hire- woman from the Philippines seeks secretary job). All religions are free to worship in Dubai but proselytizing is against the law. - Jul 2013

I don't see much, but then again I stay away from the topics of religion or politics. - Aug 2011

You are definitly judged and paid according to your nationality. If you are Arab or Western it can be very easy, but it's heart breaking to see how other nationalities will be treated, especially Indian and Pakistani workers. Gender issues can be problematic. Women need to be aware that this is a conservative country underneath all the glitz. It can be easy to forget that and cause offense. Arabs prefer to deal with people of their own gender, which can make getting things done difficult at times. It's always handy to have a friend of the opposite gender along if communcation becomes problematic. - Jan 2011

Those from southeast Asia often are paid less for doing the same work as their "Western" counterparts. Asian colleagues often complain about not being taken seriously in business situations. In this age of political correctness, it is often disconcerting to hear stereotyps slung about with such frequency. - Sep 2009

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