Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Good for all. Dubai is a good post for singles because there is a lot to do. There are numerous meet-up groups, nightlife, gatherings, festivals, live music concerts etc. There seems to be less of a consulate community than in some other posts so making friends requires a little more initiative but otherwise you won't be bored in Dubai. Couples will appreciate the restaurant scene and all the other activities Dubai has to offer. Families appreciate the numerous parks and activities for kids. All will appreciate the opportunities for travel. - Dec 2016

This is a good city for all people. Families live in tight knit residential communities with pools and rec centers for easy gathering and entertaining. Singles have access to a vibrant expat community of young (20 and 30 somethings) from all over the world to meet and mingle with. The bar and club and music scenes are huge in Dubai. Couples have great restaurants, concerts, representational events... You name it and you can find it in Dubai. The social scene feels like Las Vegas without the gambling or NYCwithout the added cultural benefits of the boroughs and East Village. - Jul 2013

Good for all, as there are lots of expats and lots of communities to find - Aug 2011

It's great for all. It can be a very superficial souless city, so if you're looking for real connections with people, it can be difficult to find. Having said that I have made some very close wonderful friends here. Dating is very difficult- a lot of superficial, transient people make for great flings but poor relationships. - Jan 2011

It is easy to live here; you can get just about anything you need (for a price). Singles/couples seem to enjoy the nightlife (restaurants or clubs). It all depends on what you like to do as a family. We seem to spend an inordinate amount of time with school- and church-based activites, so we keep pretty busy and are pretty content. My younger, single friends say that there is a noticable decline in numbers at clubs and bars since the economic downturn. Those that seem to have more trouble connecting are older singles. However, there are many special-interest groups to join, and because the city is filled with expats, there isn't a single place to go to get hooked into the local social scene. This can be liberating as well as make the process more difficult. - Sep 2009

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