Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

In May of 2018 there were several terrorist attacks in Surabaya, followed by police activity with additional suspected terrorists. These attacks truly seemed to shock the nation. Surabaya and East Java are, with good reason, considered among the safest and most tolerant places in Indonesia. Petty crime may be a problem, but I am unaware of any recent crimes committed against consulate families. We feel very safe here and frequently walk around our neighborhood and some of the surrounding barrios. Aside from two remote parts of Indonesia rarely visited by tourists, there are no travel restrictions for employees and EFMs. - Nov 2018

not so far. There are parts of the city that even locals avoid because of higher crime. - Oct 2015

Surabaya has been pretty secure the last couple of years. The Indonesian police have disrupted a few potential terror cells in and around Surabaya, but thankfully nothing has come out of it. Extremism remains a threat in this country, but Surabaya is no more dangerous than your typical large Asian city. Exercise caution, be aware of your surroundings, and don't put yourself in to bad situations, and you'll be just fine. Another security concern is the threat of geologic events. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can and do happen. Have a plan, have a go-bag, and be alert. - Apr 2015

Terrorism remains a real concern in Indonesia. Indonesian police continue to disrupt radical Muslim groups operating in Indonesia. However, the Indonesian government allows violent anti-western Muslim groups such as FPI to openly operate throughout the country. Petty crimes such as burglary and theft are common in Surabaya, but they are mostly non-violent. Nigerian type 419 scams are also common. - Oct 2012

We felt very safe in Surabaya. I do not remember there ever being any crime against a westerner. The Indonesians are not aggressive people. - May 2012

Indonesia has terrorist concerns, and the Indonesian government aggressively pursues terrorist cells. That being said, the country overall is quite safe. Violent person on person crime is virtually non-existent, but as with any large city pick-pockets can be an issue. - Oct 2010

Petty crime like pickpocketing in shopping areas. Not the same high-profile target like Jakarta or Bali. Violent crime rate very low, and no history of terror attacks in Surabaya. - Aug 2009

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