What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

There are several options. All consulate families currently use the Surabaya Intercultural School. Most seem happy with it. - Nov 2018

Several international schools. - Oct 2015

The Consulate sends its children to Surabaya Intercultural School, located nearby the Consulate. It is an adequate school through 6th grade, then becomes a little more challenging in High School for those on an A.P. track. The school is going through challenges both internally and externally and will likely come out just fine, but the last two years have been... interesting. - Apr 2015

Most parents speak well of the Surabaya International School. - Oct 2012

Surabaya International School (SIS). We did not have school-aged children at the time but we heard great things about the school. There is also a European school (SES) that is smaller but well reviewed. - May 2012

There is an excellent international school close to the new Consulate. - Oct 2010

Surabaya International School is quite good. Lots of extra curricular programs and challenging academics. Excellent facitilies including Olympic-sized swimming pool and climbing wall in the gymnasium. Also a theater and music room. - Aug 2009

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