What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

It's not Jakarta. - Nov 2018

Touring, for sure. Weather is nice for those who like warm/hot tropical climates. - Oct 2015

It is incredibly inexpensive to live in Indonesia. House help, local foodstuffs, local travel, etc. are all cheap. Indonesia is a huge country with over 17,000 islands to visit. If you like traveling and adventure, Indonesia could be for you. There are numerous artisinal products unique to the country, and you will find yourself wanting some - from stone carvings to beautiful hand-carved teak furniture, to vividly-colored batik fabrics and hand-woven ikat fabrics. The climate is tropical - you'll never be cold here... unless you crank your A/C. - Apr 2015

Indonesia boasts one of the richest and most exotic cultures on the planet. It’s mostly mild, tolerant, form of Islam infused with animist, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions, could easily be described as the “Diet Coke” of Islam. Women hold prominent positions in society,Bintang beer can be consumed near mosques, and prostitution is legal, taxed, and controlled. Options include: volcanic hikes, jungle expeditions, game fishing, world class scuba diving, Paupuan native hill tribe visits, surfing some of the world's most mechanically perfect waves, and some of the tastiest and cheapest food in Asia. Sitting smack in the center of the world’s cradle of marine biodiversity, the archipelago's mind-blowing number of islands straddle both the Pacific and Indian oceans making every imaginable island set-up possible; do you prefer a powdery flour white sand beach with tiny sandbars fronting electric neon blue water, or how about a small horseshoe bay on the edge of a lush tiger infested jungle with a waterfall pouring into the beach, or what about a hidden island with 50’ monolithic rock islands offshore and frolicking monkeys overlooking the world’s most perfect wave. This is real life waterworld with endless options to kiteboard, surf, scuba, fish, dive, SUP, kayak, paddle, and spearfish. Highlights include, The Mentawai islands, South Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, West Timor, Raja Ampat, the Gili islands, and Kimodo, just to name a few. If you enjoy excellent Asian street food, you will love Indonesia; Highlights include, Spicy Padang curries, Chicken Satehs with peanut sauces, Balinese yellow rice plates with pork satehs, Chinese “Mie Pangsit” noodle dishes, and an array of regional chicken “Soto Ayam” soups. Java is also famous the world over for its “Javanese meat,” or Tempe. This healthy delicious alternative to beef is basically unprocessed tofu and is served fried with rice or stewed in other regional dishes. Another favorite was Rawon, or, “black soup” which is a savory, spice infused beef soup served with a shrimp chip, side of rice, salted bean sprouts, and firey chilli sauce. And don’t forget Indonesia’s equivalent to the hamburger and fries; Bakso. This mystery meatball is served in soup with various accompaniments everywhere. At the center of this enormous 15,000 island chain is the liberally Muslim-free Hindu island of Bali. Balinese Hinduism is nothing like the Indian variety having developed on a lush beautiful island. Although facing mismanaged growth and pollution issues, Bali remains hands-down, one of the most insanely paradisaical islands in the world. The tourist-friendly Balinese are almost tolerant to a fault, ever-smiling as hoards of rural drunken Aussies use the island for cheap holidays. The Balinese people, culture, and traditions are stunningly beautiful. with their lives centered on exotic rituals, beautiful beaches, world-class surfing, beautiful temples/architecture and arts, and sunsets enjoyed with heaps of Bintang beer. - Oct 2012

The Indonesians are humble and warm people. They seemed fascinated by Westerners and spent a lot of time staring at us whenever we went out. - May 2012

You can save a lot of money; domestic help inexpensive; Surabaya is gateway to all of eastern Indonesia via air--domestic flights can be very inexpensive - Oct 2010

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