What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

More white wine. - Nov 2018

Western foodstuffs. kitchen utensils. Very hard to find a heavy rolling pin or quality measuring cups in town for some reason. - Oct 2015

Quality cheese and charcuterie (as checked luggage in a cooler - more important than clothing). Deep Woods OFF. Aerosol sunscreen. Favorite brands of booze. - Apr 2015

Kawasaki 250 KLX, a good mountain bikes (crappy Chinese bikes cost a fortune here). Good quality CVS/Costco baby wipes if you have a favorite brand, Quality feminine-hygene products, and cosmetics. - Oct 2012

You can find what you need here, but western items are very expensive. - May 2012

Large size shoes and clothing can be a problem, though you can always have your clothing made locally very inexpensively. Grated parmesan/romano cheese is impossible to find. Everything else is available, though as noted earlier at double the price or more if imported. - Oct 2010

Not much is neccessary. Favorite board games? - Aug 2009

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