How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

It usually takes two-three weeks for letter and package mail to travel from the United States to the consulate. All mail is sent via pouch or Diplomatic Post to the Embassy in Jakarta before being routed to Surabaya. Mail is delivered to the consulate one-two times per week, and vice versa. Package mail often arrives in lamentable condition. - Nov 2018

e-mail. - Oct 2015

With the USG, via Diplomatic Post Office. This is not a real DPO, however. Consider it a pouch, as it's a twice-weekly shuttle service from Jakarta. Indonesian post is unreliable, but there are private courier services that vary in price and service levels. DHL and FedEx are also available. - Apr 2015

If you are with a consulate, you can use the pouch. The Indonesian mail system is not as reliable as in the US. Tiki is a good local national private mail carrier that is cheap. - Oct 2012

We went through the consulate so no issues. - May 2012

Consulate mail takes 2-4 weeks to arrive from the US. - Oct 2010

Mail come for us through the consulate. Otherwise, mail would be a big issue. I don't think I ever saw a local stamp or post office. Not much of a functional mail service here that I can detect. - Aug 2009

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