What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There is an adequate gym at the consulate. The gym in the apartment complex is pretty good, and free to residents, but nothing compared to a members-only gyms in the United States. There are some private gyms. - Nov 2018

yes, kind of pricey by U.S. standards, but very nice equipment and usually empty. - Oct 2015

The Consulate has a small & adequate gym. If you're not USG, there are several other options, including a new Crossfit box and a rock-climbing gym near Citraland, and numerous health clubs around the city. - Apr 2015

They are cost-prohibitive unless you have money to throw away. Many of the Chinese Indonesians use Celebrity Fitness and happily pay up to $100 per month. - Oct 2012

There are gyms available that are well equipped and very pricey. - May 2012

Those that live in the luxury apartments have membership to a gym and a pool. The new Consulate may have facilities. There are private clubs available, especially in high-end neighborhoods and the modern malls. - Oct 2010

Yes, in major malls. No extended hours, though. - Aug 2009

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