What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Very few American citizens outside the consulate, and aside from a sizable Korean, Japanese, and Chinese community, very few expats of any kind. Japan, China, Australia, and Taiwan all maintain consulates in Surabaya. - Nov 2018

Very small western expat community, can't be more than several dozen in the whole city of 3 million. Very large Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean expat communities. - Oct 2015

Small expat community, with about 10 Western nationalities represented - U.S., Dutch, English, German, Austrian, Australian, New Zealanders, Brazilian, Mexican, French, and Canadian. There is one expat-owned pub that serves as a gathering point for a good cross-section of Westerners each weekend. Morale depends on a lot of factors. Many expats who have married Indonesians really like it here. The company you keep and whether your interests and hobbies can be addressed are huge factors. - Apr 2015

Small in Surabaya, as the desired expat experience is not available in Surabaya (bars, nightlife, beaches, tourist sites), and because of the relatively small number of foreign businesses. - Oct 2012

Not very big. Sometimes it could feel suffocating because you saw the same people all of the time. Getting away every once in a while is a good idea. - May 2012

Expant community is relatively small, and most of what is in Surabaya is business-related. More often than not I would be the only caucasian in a large mall. - Oct 2010

Hard to judge. Probably hundreds, certainly not thousands. Very few Americans, more Australians, a handful of Europeans, more Koreans and Japanese. Lots of Chinese. - Aug 2009

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