Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Most people use a local prepaid service. - Nov 2018

Buy a sim card locally for you unlocked GSM phone. - Oct 2015

Unlock your phone before arriving & get a local chip from Telkomsel. US$20/month pre-paid will get you plenty of internet and talk time. Post-paid is only an option for expats with a letter of sponsorship from your employer. There are other providers, but none boast the coverage of Telkomsel. - Apr 2015

- Oct 2012

Bring the newest unlocked Blackberry, Iphone, or Samsung cell phone, then walk into Pasar Atum's cell phone section and they will set up your phone with a local SIM card, media plan, and credit. Ipads are pretty cheap to set up with plans as well. Smart phones are pricey there. - Oct 2012

We had local cell phones, very cheap. - May 2012

Buy an unlocked phone locally, then pick up a SIM card (50 cents or so). Depending on which SIM card you buy, you can call back to the US for less than a 5 cents (!!!) per minute. - Oct 2010

Get a local one. Tons of retailers, convenient pre-pay service. Monthly plans also available. - Aug 2009

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