Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Bluebird taxis are magnificent. Invariably clean, punctual, and nine times out of ten chauffeured by a guy who actually knows where he is going. Rates are cheap. From the apartments to the consulate is about three bucks. Crosstown from the consulate to the airport about $12. - Nov 2018

yes. Very crowded and not pleasant, except for higher class train. Taxis are reasonably safe, but some drive very recklessly. Rates are affordable, US$15 for a one hour drive across town. Less than US$5 for quick trips around town. - Oct 2015

Taxis are plentiful and affordable. The Consulate recommends USG personnel & dependents only use Blue Bird or Orenz. Blue Bird has an app for calling taxis which makes it even easier. Buses, becaks, tuk-tuks, etc. aren't recommended for safety and security. National train service is fine and cheap... just lower your expectations of what "Executive Class" means. - Apr 2015

Check with your company's security office. Most people regularly use Bluebird taxis with no issues. They are cheap in comparison to the US (11 USD to the airport). - Oct 2012

Yes, taxis are safe. We used Blue Bird. - May 2012

Bluebird taxi is clean, modern, uses GPS technology, and very reasonable. Other taxis are slightly less expensive, but if you use a meter taxi you can traverse the entire city for less than $10. Local buses and bemos (color-coded vans with bench seating) are less than 50 cents, but be prepared for the crowded, hot, etc. but a great way to interact with locals. Again, except for the occasional crime of opportunity (pickpocket) they are safe. The inter-city trains have an Executive Class which provides air-conditioned cars, large comfortable seats, and fares are cheap. - Oct 2010

Trains and buses not suitable for commuting. Taxis are safe, plentiful, and affordable. You can get most places in the central part of the city for about $2, and all the way accross town for $5. - Aug 2009

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