Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Credit cards are widely accepted in the parts of Surabaya expats usually frequent. Outside Surabaya, Bali, and a couple other big cities in the district cash is king. The largest bank notes is worth about six and a half bucks, so get used to carrying a fat roll of guap with you when you go on vacation. - Nov 2018

generally no problems but normal precautions should apply. - Oct 2015

Credit cards are normally fine, but I have had a few breaches over the last six months. That said, use caution when using your home-bank-issued debit card. I would suggest having a separate account for cash withdrawals, or opening a local account to & from which you can transfer necessary funds. Mitigating exposure is highly encouraged. - Apr 2015

They are generally safe to use and readily available. Use prominent ATMs and common sense in protecting your personal information. - Oct 2012

We never had a problem with our credit card and using ATMs. Just be aware of the foreign transaction fee you may be charged by your credit card company. - May 2012

Debit cards can be used at the few modern malls that exist, but credit cards are useless. Debit cards can be used at local ATMs, which charge a relatively hefty transaction fee. The best option is to use cash, which Amcit employees can purchase from the Consulate cashier. - Oct 2010

ATMs are plentiful and easy in shopping malls, credit cards are readily accepted in most places, but you should probably stick to established retailers. - Aug 2009

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