Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Very much. Sidewalks and public transportation are nearly non-existent, as are wheelchair ramps and the like. It is possible to walk to local stores but it is an unpleasant experience that requires dodging traffic. - Nov 2018

definitely. no sidewalks. - Oct 2015

Those with physical disabilities would have a very difficult time in Surabaya. Sidewalks rarely exist, elevators are usually broken or non-existent, and there are rarely accommodations for disabilities except in the most modern malls and hotels. - Apr 2015

Sidewalks are nonexistent in the city center. Even the newer rich communities, like Citraland and Bukit Dharmo, see no need for sidewalks. No government ordinances provide for accommodating those with disabilities. - Oct 2012

Sidewalks are nonexistant in the city center. Even the newer rich communities like Citraland and Bukit Dharmo see no need for sidewalks. No government ordinances/laws provide for accomodating those with disabilities. - Oct 2012

Someone with disabilities would have a difficult time in Surabaya as facilities are not equipped with accessible entrances. Sidewalks are non-existent. - May 2012

Sidewalks, if they exist at all, are in extremely poor condition and often have large holes opening up to the storm sewers underneath. There are no accommodations for handicapped people overall. - Oct 2010

Considerable. Little effort to accomodate wheelchairs, or even pedestrians, in many parts of the city. Even shopping malls might present problems. - Aug 2009

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