Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

This is a very family-friendly post. Singles who are interested in night-life may find it trying. There are few bars and clubs. The local culture tends to insularity, and making friendships can be difficult. - Nov 2018

yes, depending on interests. City does not have a lot of high culture (museums, galleries, concerts, etc.) and not much a night life. But there are places to socialize and the more local or ethnic you go, the more available the nightlife becomes. - Oct 2015

This all depends on the person/couple/family. As stated above, many people love Surabaya for various reasons. If you're single or childless and have the means to travel regularly, it's a great place. If you're a family who has the means to travel and pay for quality childcare, it's also great. Single men will enjoy this city immensely. Single women will not. This is a city of many opportunities for romance, whether wanted or not, for both men and women. Anecdotal evidence shows it is much more oppressive for single women, as unwanted advances are aplenty, and "no" isn't readily accepted as an answer. Your mileage will vary. We were more or less homebodies, as a demanding USG travel schedule put the kibosh on many a planned trip. This was both great and incredibly boring. As a family, we tended to stay around and socialize with our neighbors. Your mileage may vary with your neighborhood's and/or organization's makeup. - Apr 2015

Families seem to enjoy their time in Surabaya with regular visits to the many malls, expat get-togethers, access to inexpensive household staff, and regular visits to Bali or further afield. Single females may have a harder time, as no real night-life, or drinking culture exists. As in other parts of Asia, Western men dating Asian women seems to be the rule, as opposed to Western women dating Asian men. - Oct 2012

There are many get togethers with friends and other people with kids. There is a small international community here and you get to know everyone well. I suspect singles have a difficult time as there isn't much of a night life. - May 2012

If you need a large expat community to be happy, you will be miserable here. If you're willing to engage with the locals, there are lots of cultural/social options. - Oct 2010

Great for families. Couples might feel a little constrained. Singles could be very hit or miss. Some singles love it, others get bored. You should never be lacking for company, but it may not the scene you are into. - Aug 2009

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