Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

I think that these have been grossly overstated by some in the past, and I've seen the crime stats to support it. When I first arrived, I was under the impression that I couldn't even walk outside much in my neighborhood, but I have not felt threatened at all since I've been here. That said, you should still follow the general advice in Brazil to never go outside with visible jewelry and lots of valuables. I usually go out with a 20 real bill in my pocket just in case. - Aug 2020

Street crime and crimes of opportunity are common. Crime in Recife has improved over the past several years, and it's not anything that will keep you from enjoying your favorite activities - just use common sense and don't walk around carrying valuables you aren't willing to lose. - Jun 2014

The US Government classifies the city as a critical crime threat. I have heard stories of street muggings and car thefts. Several favelas (shantytowns) are right next to other neighborhoods and that means you do have be on guard, especially at night. Probably should avoid any jewelry that draws too much attention. - Jan 2011

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