Ottawa - Post Report Question and Answers

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I know athletic outdoor people who love it! - May 2014

Canada is a different country and they do things their own way. They also think a lot about the US and think we think as much about them. - Jul 2013

Unless you've got a lot of winter experience, do some thinking ahead of time, but wait until you get here to order winter gear. Talk to locals and embassy people who have been here a couple of years to see what you really need and what you don't. That way, you'll spend less money on things you don't actually need. - Jan 2013

We have made some good friends here, though not through the embassy. There does not seem to be a strong sense of community within the embassy because everyone is off doing their own thing. But the people are nice enough. - Dec 2010

LQA was not a great experience for us, and I'm not sure I would ever go to another LQA post. Ottawa is in the grip of a still-expanding property bubble, so many people are eager to sell their overpriced houses here. Not many people are interested in renting houses, so it ended up being very stressful to find housing. In the end, we found a very nice place to live in, and we've been very happy with our neighborhood. The winter here is like nothing I've ever experienced. Growing up in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., I thought I knew winter, but I didn't know anything. The first time my lungs froze (even though momentarily) was an experience I will not soon forget. - Aug 2010

I am shocked by the negative reviews on here about Ottawa! I find if you spend some effort to look for it (or talk to someone with knowledge of the city), you will probably be able to find whatever you need. Restaurants, nightlife, housing, parks, and facilities are probably more than adequate for 99% of the population out there. - Nov 2009

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