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Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes. You order it when you secure your own house. - Sep 2023

I believe the cost is about the same as in the US. Most people have complaints about their service being slow and losing the signal occasionally. - Aug 2015

Yes, very fast, mainly through Rogers. - May 2014

Yes, the rates are always changing so best to just check before you arrive. - Jul 2013

Yes, and pretty reliable. There are a variety of options depending on speed and GB of data you want each month. I pay about $60/mo for my package. - Jan 2013

There are two main monopolies on internet/home phone/cable - Bell and Rogers. We have Rogers and pay about $200 a month for the bundle. There is still nothing to watch on TV. - Dec 2010

Really good high-speed internet is available, but it is really expensive due to a lack of competition and the high exchange rate. We get our internet, home phone, and cable from Rogers, and we pay C$160 per month -- which is about what they all charge. I see that you can get the same deal in DC with FIOS for $100/month. - Aug 2010

Yes...40/month...likely more expensive than anything in the US but on par with Europe/Asia. - Nov 2009

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