Ottawa - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

The embassy has a PO box in New York. - Aug 2015

Embassy PO Box in Ogdensburg. - May 2014

Embassy has a mail bag, many Canadians have a PO box in New York. - Jul 2013

Post has a P.O. box and physical address in New York that embassy personnel can use. That means fewer restrictions on mail. You can order liquids, gadgets with lithium batteries, etc. The mail room makes mail runs 3x/week and every weekday for several weeks before Christmas. Canadian post is reliable but more expensive than U.S. post. - Jan 2013

We have a PO box in Ogdensburg NY, and the embassy mail truck brings up the mail a few times a week. - Dec 2010

Our mail room makes a thrice-weekly run to the Post Office in Ogdensburg, NY. It works pretty well. We mail our Netflix disks on Monday and receive the new disk on Wednesday. - Aug 2010

I hear it gets driven up from Ogdensburg. Otherwise, Canada Post is no better/worse than USPS, UK Mail, etc. - Nov 2009

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