Ottawa - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

Not really. - Aug 2015

No. - May 2014

Yes, as long as you rely on the public events and parks. - Jul 2013

Yes. Most everything here is more expensive than in the U.S. but your rent is paid for you so unless you have visions of grandeur, you should be able to save well. - Jan 2013

Not on your life. - Dec 2010

There's no getting around the fact that Ottawa is an extremely expensive city, especially now that the Canadian dollar has been around equal for most of the past two years. We have been able to save some money, but we live modestly and conduct our lives just as if we were in DC (no extravagant trips, no shopping sprees or frequent meals out). We save 50% less, though, than at our previous hardship post in EAP. Not a complaint, just an observation. - Aug 2010

Compared to Tokyo, Manhattan, London/Paris...yes. Otherwise, probably not. - Nov 2009

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