Ottawa - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

Very thick winter clothes and ice skates! - Sep 2023

warm coat and boots. - Aug 2015

Sense of outdoor adventure and love of the winter. - May 2014

Patience. It looks like the U.S. but everything just takes time. - Jul 2013

Savings for your first few months at post. You'll have a lot of up front expenses and it can take a few pay periods for your LQA to kick in. - Jan 2013

snow boots, parkas, sleds, hats, mittens, electric blankets and so on - Dec 2010

hiking shoes, bicycles, winter boots and jackets that are -40 degree rated. - Aug 2010

Winter clothing, boots, snow tires as you will be quite surprised as to the amount of snow we get. - Nov 2009

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