Ottawa - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

Depends on how you feel about winter. - Jul 2013

It depends. A lot of people like it for the high quality of life, but some people are frustrated by being more on their own with LQA, drivers' licenses, license plates, etc. after serving at multiple posts where the embassy handled those things for them. As always, the dynamics of your specific office can also affect morale. - Jan 2013

LQA, mediocre schooling, and difficult-to-obtain health care make Ottawa hard for some. It is also cold! - Dec 2010

Much better than when we arrived. Our management section has made great strides in helping us navigate the Canadian government's bureaucracy and utility maze. - Aug 2010

Depends. If you really do take the time to explore the city (and not the usual stereotypical tourist traps) you will definitely enjoy your time here much more. Like anywhere, it really helps to know someone knowledgeable about the city. - Nov 2009

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