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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

It’s way too expensive here. - Sep 2023

I imagine it's expensive, but don't know anyone who has it. - Aug 2015

Expensive. No one has any. - May 2014

It is available, I expect the rates are the same as DC. - Jul 2013

I'm not sure. I suspect that you could get a cleaning service, but prices would be as expensive or more expensive than in the United States. - Jan 2013

Not affordable. Maybe Molly Maid-type set ups are, but no one has a full-time maid. - Dec 2010

Widely available but prohibitively expensive. Many folks at post have brought nannies from other posts. - Aug 2010

Ha! It cost me 400/month for a cleaning service to clean my 2700 sq foot home twice a mouth. Actual domestic help would be 10-15/hour at least. Full-time, live-out nannies are 2400/month. Even fairly wealthy families living in million-dollar homes typically don't have much in the way of domestic help due to the cost! - Nov 2009

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