Ottawa - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Safe, but more expensive than DC. It costs $3.70 for a one-way trip on the bus. That is the cheapest option to getting to work every day because you likely won't have a parking spot at the Embassy. The buses take a long time though because they have a lot of stops. One day the city might get its light rail system working, but not anytime soon, though. - Sep 2023

All are safe. I think prices are about the same as the US. - Aug 2015

Yes. Safe, though expensive. - May 2014

It is all safe. The bus runs about US$3 per ride or US$100 per month. - Jul 2013

Yes, they are safe. A bus ticket for an adult costs C$2.60 each way. - Jan 2013

A bus ticket costs $3.25 one way. Lots of Canadians take the bus. Taxi's are pricey. - Dec 2010

All are very safe; trains are quite expensive. The average bus trip is C$3.25 each way. If you buy voucher tickets ahead of time, you can get a discount to C$2.50 each way for a daily commute total of $5. Parking around the embassy is $11 per day, so it usually makes more sense to drive if you can get two people in the car, especially in winter. Taxis are pretty expensive, compared to the developing world, probably the same as getting one in DC, perhaps slightly more -- given the exchange rate - Aug 2010

Taxis are's basically 15-20 bucks just to take a cab anywhere in the downtown-ish area...and 40-70 bucks to get one from downtown to the burbs. Taxis and buses are safe with incidents being quite rare. However, public transit isn't exactly cheap and it can be inefficient if you're going off the beaten path. - Nov 2009

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