Ottawa - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

None that I’m aware of. - Sep 2023

No. - Aug 2015

No. - May 2014

None that I have heard of. Ottawa is a diverse town and Canadians seem to be better traveled than Americans. - Jul 2013

Not to my knowledge. Canada is pretty accepting and progressive. - Jan 2013

There are a LOT of immigrants in Ottawa. There are also anti American sentiments on occasion - read Wikileaks. Your kids may hear it at school, though nothing too nasty. - Dec 2010

It's a hyper-tolerant city, almost to the point of parody, since the citizens and government bend over backward to embrace (and to create the appearance of embracing) diversity. - Aug 2010

In general, no. Unlike in Europe and in many places in the US, religious and visible minorities are well-integrated/represented throughout the city. The wealthier areas tend to be more WASP-y with the suburbs and lower income areas featuring a pretty diverse mix of people. You do still hear pretty ignorant remarks about people of different backgrounds and the more WASP-y environments aren't always the most welcoming of people of colour/different religious beliefs. But while racism/prejudices are more subtle...people are, by-and-large, far more accepting of different ethnicities than what I've seen in other cities around the world. NOTE: as per Obama's election...Ottawans are in love with all things American now and went completely gaga over his visit to the city! In the Dubya days, you'd better think twice about announcing your US heritage...esp. if you are a Republican! - Nov 2009

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