Ottawa - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Yes, yes, and yes. I will add that any bigger families may have a difficult time navigating the LQA housing regulations. - Sep 2023

Yes. - Aug 2015

Yes. Lots to do, though it is not the culture mecca of larger cities. Mostly outdoor stuff. - May 2014

Elementary school age families seem to really enjoy it. Singles and couples should expect to bring their own fun. Little to no expat community. - Jul 2013

I think that there's something here for everyone. There are lots of family friendly things to do here. There's a decent amount of things to do for singles and couples, though it's not a bustling metropolis like Toronto or Montreal. - Jan 2013

Yes to all of the above if you are not overly worried about schooling issues or you enjoy the great outdoors. - Dec 2010

This is a great city for families and couples, especially those who enjoy the great outdoors and don't require household help as you would have in the developing world. Singles have been less happy, wishing they were in the more cosmopolitan Toronto or Montreal. - Aug 2010

Families: great. Couples: depends. Singles: depends. If you are expecting Manhattan, you will be dissappointed. But realistically, you can find pretty much any cuisine you'd want in Ottawa restaurants. Again, if you adjust your expectations to that of any mid-sized US/European city, I'm sure the nightlife is on-par with what exists in places like Austin, Portland OR, RTP, Canberra, etc. Again, if you live in the suburbs, you will think this city is pretty boring...but if you try to live closer to the trendier, more happening parts of town...your opinion of the city will be vastly different. I cannot emphasize this point enough to people! - Nov 2009

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