Muscat - Post Report Question and Answers

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This was an amazing tour. The embassy community was really lovely. The Facilities/GSO team was outstanding. The roads are clean. The people are sweet. Life is simple and fun. We loved every second of it and wish we can go back one day again to serve there! - Jan 2022

Oman is an incredible place and I would stay here longer if I could in a heartbeat! - Dec 2018

Families with young children - bid this post! It's a lovely medium sized mission that is well-run for the most part. In spite of the awful summer it's still a really great place to live overall. Anyone else who don't want to die of boredom - really think it through and weigh it against your other options. And anyone who can't handle extreme heat you really shouldn't come here. But overall I'd give this post a solid 7/10. - Feb 2018

I love you for providing this important and valuable service. I've used it a ton as I try to discover background information on my possible posts. It is a quick and frank assessment from people who belong to our community. Thank you! - Jun 2012

A beautiful country filled with some amazing sights and places to discover. If your coming on the expat six figure package with housing and school paid for you'll love it but if your a mid level govt worker be prepared to spend and not save. - Feb 2010

A little over a year after arrival we had a very bad experience with an Omani national that got way out of hand, one that pretty much poisoned the entire tour. This is why I waited 18 months before writing a Real Post Report, because I wanted to see if I had any good feelings left -- and I do. The scenery is beautiful, the living is easy, the Indian and "Arabic" food is out of this world, the heat isn't as hard to take as you'd think ... just be careful with the people because although they can be delightful, Hell hath no fury like an Omani with a chip on his/her shoulder looking for someone to throw it at. Omanis can be quixotic and temperamental, being incredibly witty and hospitable one moment, and a flaming bundle of grievances and wounded pride the next. - Jan 2010

While Oman is in many ways a progressive place, having made huge strides in the last three decades, it is also surprisingly conservative and traditional. It is definitely an absolute monarchy with only limited space for free expression. Foreigners should never criticize and rarely even comment on domestic events and politics, and should never say anything that might be construed in any way as criticism of or even commentary about the Sultan, the royal family, or leading officials. Sultan Qaboos is widely seen by Omanis as the man single-handedly responsible for bringing Oman into the modern age, his portraits hang everywhere, and if the affection Omanis show him weren't so genuine, it might remind one of an old-fashioned Soviet-style cult of personality. - Feb 2008


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