Muscat - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Washington, DC. Many flight options but Qatar Airways or Emirates are the easiest. Straight shot to the Middle East and then a short flight to Oman from one of the bigger hubs like Dubai or Doha. - Jan 2022

Washington, DC, which is about a 20-hour trip with one layover - Dec 2018

Home is the east coast of the US. It takes about 24 hours total travel time. The most common route is through Frankfurt and then on to major cities in the US. There is also a route through London on British Airways (not as commonly used) and Vienna. Oman Air leaves a lot to be desired (old and dirty planes with few amenities); I'd use other code-share airlines where possible. - Feb 2018

Washington DC. A short flight Oman-UAE or Oman-Qatar and then a straight shot to DC. The short flight is about an hour and then the long one is between 14-16 hours, depending on your connection. Total travel time is about 22 hours. - Aug 2017

From the U.S. to Oman the trip is a minimum of 25 hours with any combo of available connections through Dubai, London, Frankfurt, or Amsterdam. Most trips to or from the U.S. have at least two connections. - Oct 2014

Muscat is 20 hours from Washington, DC including connections through Germany. - Jun 2012

East coast. Fly Muscat to Dubai, or Doha, then direct to the States. You could stop in Europe, but I'd rather just get it over with. From the Gulf to the East Coast is about 14 hours. - May 2012

15hrs. From DC to Dubai with a short lay over. Depends on your airline. European routes can total up to 24 hrs. - Aug 2011

Washington DC about 18 hrs - Feb 2011

Emirates airlines flies directly from houston, about a 19-20 hour flight. - Apr 2010

DC to Muscat is loooong, even with the direct flights in economy. Best to stop off for a day or two in the EUR. - Feb 2010

From the East Coast, about 6 - 7 hours to Europe (London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Amsterdam), another 6 - 7 hours to Muscat with a stop in a Gulf country. - Jan 2010

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