Muscat - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

YES. - Jan 2022

Yes, a thousand times over. We have absolutely loved our tour here and we wish we could stay longer. - Dec 2018

This is a tough one. Mostly yes. I think Muscat is good at certain times in your life. If you have school-aged children and want a nice safe place for them to lay their heads for a few years - then yes! But if you are looking for somewhere with more of a buzz and more going on - then no. This post fit our family right now. - Feb 2018

Yes. - Aug 2017

Yes. Patience and figuring out the system (or lack there of) makes everything go a little smoother. - Oct 2014

Definitely! Oman is an oasis of beauty and I'm enjoying myself thoroughly. - Jun 2012

Yes, but after while the heat gets to be a bit much. - May 2012

Yep! - Aug 2011

yes and yes - Feb 2011

Yes. The superior education offered to my children and the general beauty of Oman call to me every so often. - Apr 2010

Not under the regime I was. Made some wonderful friends and saw some amazing sites but until that building has an exorcism, no way. If I was coming from another sector I would not go back as there are too many other places to visit and live but would recommend it to any and all. - Feb 2010

Hmm. I'm very glad we went, and would eagerly make another visit, but I would not want to do another tour there. I need much more intellectual and cultural stimulation, such as concerts, festivals and celebrations, cultural events, etc. than Oman has to offer. There's not a lot of energy in the air; it can get pretty sleepy. - Jan 2010

Yes. - Mar 2009

Absolutely! Muscat is a great place to live. - Feb 2008

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