Muscat - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Nothing. Muscat has everything. - Jan 2022

I have a monthly Amazon subscribe and save with things like laundry detergent pods, ziploc bags, kids snacks, sunscreen, and shampoo. - Dec 2018

I wish I had shipped a lot more paper products and cleaning supplies. We have APO so liquid is not limited but it sure is a jerky move to have your liquids leak all over other peoples packages. I also would have shipped things like shave gel and general stuff that won't ship to APO or diplomatic pouch. And finally, specific items for cooking like pre-prepared spice packets. At the end of the day, though, we can order in just about anything. - Feb 2018

Bring camping, hiking, outdoor gear. Gas BBQs are expensive for a decent one. Bring one if you can. - Oct 2014

Affordable good coffee, a gas barbeque grill. - Jun 2012

Food. Everything is really expensive. - May 2012

A freezer full of frozen pork! - Aug 2011

make-up, lotions - Feb 2011

Clothes prices here are worse than EUR and the selection that is available and not too pricey will fall apart within a couple of washes. Shoes, well almost double from what you would pay in the States, unless you wear local sandals all of the time. Hygiene products, if they have that product here its 3 times as expensive. Razor blades you'll pay 5 times. - Feb 2010

Nothing, really. You can get just about anything in Muscat. Living really is very easy and convenient. I would say more books, but the CLO library at the embassy is wonderful. - Jan 2010

More sunscreen and mosquito repellent. Pet food & supplies. - Mar 2009

Any household supplies that I'm brand-picky about; liquid detergents (almost unattainable and VERY expensive); liquid vanilla for baking; if possible, any unusual alcoholic beverages (basics are available, if pricey, but don't expect to see your favorite odd liqueur). - Feb 2008

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