Muscat - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Hot, hot, hot. But, there are a few months in winter when it is just perfect. - Jan 2022

Summer is VERY hot, and the winter is lovely. It hardly ever rains, but when it does there is tons of flooding. - Dec 2018

OMG summer is HELL. Here's what happens. Life is good here in the winter (late October-March). It is gorgeous! No humidity, average temps in the 70s (the coldest my car has registered was 62 one morning), outdoor life is abundant. It makes you forget what summer is like and you feel like "I got this."

And then summer hits. And you hate your life. We are talking 122 and 100% humidity. It's pure misery from May-August. This whole line people give of "it's no big deal b/c you go from A/C to A/C" is absurd It's still hot and you still have to walk outside to get to your car. A lot of EFMs leave post with the kids during this time which I find ironic as this is a "family post" but I'm not sure how that can be said if you are seeing families separated for 4 months every year due to extreme weather.

Bottom line is that the summers are no joke. Towards the end of it you really question your ability to serve at this post. And then winter rolls around again and you forget all about it. Rinse and repeat. - Feb 2018

There is two seasons through out the year. What is considered 'winter' here is a mild warm weather of about 75F-85F, with lows of around 65F in the evenings. Winter lasts from October/November til about March/April. The rest of the year it is extremely hot and extremely humid. Temperatures are around 120F-125F in the summer and 100% humidity is not uncommon. Life can get pretty miserable here in the peak of summer. You can escape in the mountains though! There is camping at a very high elevation, so even in the summer, temperatures will be around 80F/day and 60F/night. - Aug 2017

From late November-March the weather tends to mimic San Diego. March-April it gets warmer with occasional rains that cause severe flooding. May-October temperatures routinely reach 110+ F degrees with a lot of humidity. Many families leave during the really hot summer months. - Oct 2014

Winter is fantastic, with dry days in the 80F range for five months. Summer, May-September, can get brutally hot -- 110-125F -- and is also high humidity. - Jun 2012

HOT. The winter is heaven. From October/November to March it is about 75 each day and night. It rains about twice a year, and when it does, everything floods. Summer starts in April, and by June it's 120 with sauna-like humidity. - May 2012 April through October. There is Summer and Spring seasons. - Aug 2011

During the months of Dec, Jan and Feb the weather is pleasant. After that it is hot and humid. Jun, Jul and Aug are very hot - Feb 2011

It can get hot. The winter and early springmonths are the best. - Apr 2010

Hot, hotter and then scorching 120 or more during the spring and summer months. Winter which was great the first year with highs in the 70s to low 80s. Last year not much of a winter but it did cool off and hovered around the 90s. - Feb 2010

From May to November, temperatures hover around 110 degrees by day. The rest of the year (winter/spring) the weather is blissfully warm and dry. It rains perhaps two days out of the year. I'm told it's a lot like Palm Springs; in fact, if you squint your eyes just so, you'd think you're in southern California. - Jan 2010

Hot and hotter. Winter months are lovely! Skies are clear and blue, with exception of the occasional dust storm. - Mar 2009

Warm, hot, and then unbelievably hot. Summers (June - September) are regularly 110-115 Fahrenheit, and things don't generally cool down at night. November - March is beautiful, with warm fine days and cooler nights. There are generally five to ten days with rain between December and February, and the occasional isolated shower. In 2007 a serious hurricane hit Muscat but most of the damage was superficial and has been repaired. - Feb 2008

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