Muscat - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

You can find lots of trinkets at Mutrah Souq and other Souqs in smaller towns. - Jan 2022

There are lots of interesting things to buy here, but other than khanjars and frankincense none of it actually comes from Oman. You can get clothing made easily, and some people have bought coffee tables made out of antique wooden doors. And there are lots of neat things from Turkey, India, Pakistan, and other countries in the region that you can buy. - Dec 2018

I wouldn't say so. The souq is filled with a lot crap that isn't even made here. If you want to grow your Persian rug collection you can do that at some local carpet auctions. Otherwise some tapestries are available but that's about it. - Feb 2018

You can buy a lot of perfumes, shawls, hand-made wooden jewelry boxes and stained glass lamps, Persian carpets/rugs (expensive), frankincense burners and scents. - Aug 2017

Kajars (silver knives), frankincense, bedoiun jewelry/items, and travel. - Oct 2014

Frankincense, khanjar knives, silver crafts. - Jun 2012

Carpets and more carpets, and expensive heavy tables made from old Omani doors. - May 2012

Plenty of local furniture, crafts, and francinsence. - Aug 2011

many local items in the souq, pottery, carpets, jewelery - Feb 2011

Remember that just about everything is imported, even at the local souq...but you can get some decent pashmina's and tablecloths. Get some Omani beads and jewelry. - Apr 2010

carpets, ladies Indian shirts, usual middle east trinkets. - Feb 2010

Bedouin jewelry, khanjars (the ubiquitous traditional dagger), carpets, beautiful furniture of exotic (non-endangered) wood, spices, perfumes, frankincense and myrrh. Just imagine "The Arabian Nights." - Jan 2010

Abayas, oud, knickknacks at the souk, fresh Iranian nuts, plants for your garden, - Mar 2009

Traditional Oman crafts include some lovely silver and textiles. Other things like pashminas and Kashmiri crafts are imported in bulk. - Feb 2008

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