Muscat - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Winter gear...but not'll actually need a hat or gloves for winter mountain camping ;) - Jan 2022

Stereotypes of the Middle East, sedan, and umbrella. - Dec 2018

Every last piece of winter clothing you may own! - Feb 2018

Winter clothes, hair dryer. - Aug 2017

Cold weather clothing. Bring a few sweaters for the "winter" months or trips out of country but you won't need them here. - Oct 2014

Ideas about the region, Rosetta Stone, cold-weather gear. - Jun 2012

notions that Oman is like the other Gulf countries. - May 2012

Poor attitude. - Aug 2011

winter jackets - Feb 2011

Winter clothes and what you hear about from Kuwait and Saudi. Oman is tolerant the people are friendly and can be some of the most gracious people you will ever meet. They do have a temper and yes keep the hand gestures especially the one finger wave to a minimum. Things get done when they get done, your sense of urgency is better back in storage. Bid for the position at the U.S. Embassy, wait a few years then test the waters again. - Feb 2010

Heavy clothing. Even the depths of winter is like summer in the Northeastern U.S.But bring at least one sweater or sweatshirt, as malls and offices are air-conditioned to near freezing levels and one coat in case you travel to a temperate zone during the winter. - Jan 2010

Excess clothing. Very few if any closets. - Mar 2009

Winter clothing (lows in the winter are in the mid-sixties Fahrenheit), love of pork products (available on a limited basis through one international supermarket chain only and VERY expensive), and your impatience (things take time in Oman). - Feb 2008


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