Muscat - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

So many. Fitness classes, games, yoga, kid stuff, there are so many ways! - Jan 2022

To socialize, most people will meet at restaurants or at hotel bars with their friends. There are movies shown in English, and operas or ballets at the Opera House. There isn't a huge night-life scene and a lot of socialization is done at home. People often go camping on weekends or go hiking or to the beach, or something like that. - Dec 2018

There are a lot of play dates and house parties for the most part. There are quite a few nightclubs and lounges if that is your thing. This is a "make our own fun" kind of place and you do have to work pretty hard to plug yourself into a social scene. There is also an InterNations group here. - Feb 2018

There is a few clubs out in town. Only a few places are allowed to sell alcohol, mostly hotels and a few bars. There is a night scene big enough to give you choice but. There is a place which was originally created for the American Embassy Employees, but now they let other expats become members as well, called the Oasis Club. It has a medium-sized pool, a basketball hoop, a playground for kids with a big grassy area, serves food and there is a bar which serves alcohol. Many people hang out there on the weekend because you can let your kids run around while having a decent meal and a drink.They also hold a lot of organized events- Cinco De Mayo, St. Patrick's Day party, Christmas party etc. - Aug 2017

People host dinner parties or game nights in their homes. - Oct 2014

Home entertaining and BBQs are pretty common and eating out is always an option. Alcohol is expensive here, so the bars are a bit quiet. Lots of organized activities tend to get modest turnout, but a good number of people hunker-down with the family. - Jun 2012

The American Club has plenty of activities, local bars, lots of other expats to meet, not only from other embassies, but outside companies as well - May 2012

Lots to do. Movie theater, Opera house, paintball, nightlife, bars, concerts. - Aug 2011

You do you own entertaining. There are a few clubs you can go to, but be prepared to spend a lot if you drink. For a bottle of beer it is around $7-9. - Feb 2011

You always have within your power to throw dinner parties and make your own social life...and you will need it here. There are lots of 'balls' every year and some social clubs. - Apr 2010

Many house parties, beach and desert camping on the weekends. There are a couple of social clubs and night clubs. School is the biggie if you have kids. If your outgoing you will do fine. - Feb 2010

When I left, there were increasing options for Western-style night-life, e.g., Dubai-style bars and nice restaurants. Entertaining at home was fun and easy, as was slumming around the Ruwi Business District with its fantastic vegetarian Indian restaurants and kooky Indian grocery stores. - Jan 2010

You make it! - Mar 2009

Within the diplomatic community, social life is less than in some places. Many Omanis do not entertain at home and do not expect to come into yours. But there is a fair cafe life (especially if you smoke shisha, or Arabic water pipe). - Feb 2008

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