What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

People say the traffic is bad. I’ve lived where I thought the traffic was bad. This is indescribable. It impacts everything. - Nov 2019

Conditions vary drastically between neighborhoods within town. Some neighborhoods are nice, with sidewalks, and have amenities. Some are noisy/polluted. - Oct 2019

The lack of green spaces to meet has a big impact on the community cohesiveness. - Mar 2019

Air quality. - Feb 2019

How bad the traffic and air pollution affect quality of life. - Jan 2019

The traffic seems quite bad to me. - Dec 2018

Honestly, I wish I had not come here. - Sep 2018

That access to far off-road trails is easy, but I wish I had known that in time to outfit my jeep with a bigger lift, and roof-top tent. - Aug 2018

More about the different ethnic groups/local customs/cultures. - Jun 2018

If you plan to travel to the national parks a lot, then it is worth investing in an annual pass (US$500/365 days for a couple, US$700 for a family of 4). The payment has to be made in cash at UWA in Kampala and it pays for itself after 9 days in any of the national parks. Bring your camping gear and be prepared for awesome adventures if you camp. Camping is the only way it is affordable to travel regularly in this country. Be sure to camp on the Delta in Murchison Falls, on the Mweya peninsula in QENP, and campsite 3 in Lake Mburo. You will have hippos brushing up against your tent, but they really do leave you alone in your tent. We always camp with our 2 & 3 year olds, so the hippos definitely know we are there and they are not bothered. - Aug 2015

I wish I had a better sense of how challenging it would be to find things to do and to deal with the daily frustrations of life here--both at work and at home. - Jun 2014

I repeat again, traffic is horrible. Roads were built decades ago and they have not expanded to alleviate the traffic concerns. - Oct 2013

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