Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

What volunteer opportunities are available locally?

Many options are available depending on interest, both in Kampala and greater Uganda. - Jun 2022

Abundance. - Dec 2021

Probably a lot. - Aug 2020

Yes, there are many all over Uganda. - Nov 2019

Uganda is swarming with charities/religious organizations. - Oct 2019

Schools, different aid groups, animal shelter, you name it. - Mar 2019

There are opportunities, but mostly folks have to put in effort and/or make their own opportunities. - Jan 2019

Oddly, it is very hard to find volunteer opportunities. - Sep 2018

None, everyone I’ve tried has said they didn’t need any help. - Sep 2018

Plenty. There is a large need here for help with everything. - Aug 2018

Yes, many from health to education related opportunities, to working with animals and wildlife and conservation efforts. - Jun 2018

Uganda is very poor and there are lots of needs here. I know one spouse who volunteers with an environmental group, one with Catholic Relief Services, and others with kids with cancer. It really depends on your interests. - Jun 2018

Plentiful opportunities to volunteer. Kids Club Kampala and the USPCA are great organizations and can always use volunteers. - Aug 2015

There are countless NGOs here, big and small. Every organization I know of would be glad to have some extra help. - Jun 2014

Local orphanages, food distribution areas, etc. - Oct 2013

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