Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

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This is a hardship post advertised as a non-hardship post and it is getting worse. There are new leaders in place trying to improve it, but with elections in two years it will be very difficult. - Jan 2024

Kampala came highly recommended to us and we have found it lived up to its reputation. There are hard things about living here but there are many wonderful and delightful things that outweigh the hard things. - Jun 2022

Even though Uganda is a hardship post, it is a gem. Fresh fruits and vegetables are fresh and lovely. Amazing weather year-round, beautiful nature makes up for it. Enjoy your life as much as possible. Good luck to you all. - Dec 2021

Did I mention the air quality yet? - Feb 2019

It seems like most folks have a love/hate relationship with Kampala. It's a wonderful, warm, welcoming place that could be awesome, but traffic and pollution negatively impact quality of life to an extent that cannot be ignored. I'd still recommend it over our neighboring countries any day, though. - Jan 2019

I’ve literally been counting down the days since I got here. I’ve had diarrhea more times than I can count. - Sep 2018

You do not have to spend a fortune on safaris in Uganda. While there are lots of options for expensive luxury lodges, every National Park and wildlife reserve offers camping and low-cost huts to stay in. You can self-drive in the parks, or hire a guide. Bush camping is safe with inexpensive armed rangers who will join you to protect you from wildlife. Purchase a one-year National Park pass which will pay for itself if you visit the national parks more than four days per year. - Aug 2018

It's a great family post!! - Jun 2018

It is what it is..... - Oct 2013

This is not hard-living Africa. It is still a third-world country for sure, but there is so much to do here. The people here are kind and a smile goes a long way. - Mar 2013

Traffic is abominable. Don't think that they are breaking the rules, just think that they are following a different set of rules. Cut corners when you turn. Bodas will squeeze into any inch of available space. Make eye contact and just go when you need to. Try not to hit anything. Corruption is blatant and fed by donor money. You need to approach this place with firm reality and not idealism in mind. Do what you can at the grassroots level. - Sep 2009


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