Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

Yes, many. I have no experience with them. - Jan 2024

Yes, inexpensive and a wide range. - Jun 2022

Preschools are available. Most families would hire nannies for their small children for daycare. ASA is available at international schools. - Dec 2021

Play groups and preschools are available. We had a very positive experience with them and it was a great chance for our nanny to socialize with other nannies and breakup the routine a little. - Oct 2019

We don't have young kids. After school care looks more like after school activities, and is not necessarily expensive. From ISU, kids get bussed home afterwards. arriving home around 5 or 6 depending on the activity. - Mar 2019

Yes, inexpensive, but the quality may be suspect. Caveat emptor! - Feb 2019

Lots of preschools that are not expensive and full-time in-home care (nannies) readily available and affordable. Childcare is really not a problem here. We adore our preschool, and it offers before-and after-school care. - Jan 2019

Yes, they are available. - Dec 2018

There are several great preschools and all seem to be very inexpensive. We have been very happy with the care our child has received in the local preschool and pay about $175 per term. - Oct 2018

Yes, many preschool options available, but my kids are older so not much involved, except for great pre-K/Early learning center at ISU, which also offers after school care. - Jun 2018

Yes, very good and affordable - Aug 2015

We've had a great experience with the two nannies who have worked for us. We pay about US$300 per month. There are some preschool options here--from what I hear, they're decent but not great. - Jun 2014

There are but we decided to stick with children's groups and private teachers. - Oct 2013

There are lots of preschool options available from Christian-based programs, general day care. Rainbow School is based on a British curriculum, I believe. Most families also have a nanny for the young ones, and there are plenty of play groups to get involved with. - Mar 2013

Lots are available; several are very good. Most people have nannies, too. Magic Mornings, Caterpillar... - Sep 2009

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