Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

A very expensive safari I took last year in Murchison. Sipi falls hiking. - Jan 2024

We have loved exploring Uganda-the parks, the villages, the various landscapes. We enjoy quiet pool days in Kampala and getting out and about as well. We really loved Fort Portal and the crater lakes, but we would be hard pressed to chose a very favorite as all of our incountry travel has been memorable and enjoyable. We really enjoyed the community and the ease with which people host, due to large yards and a sometimes quiet nightlife. We made many friends and saw them often, which was a huge benefit at this post. We will miss it so much! - Jun 2022

Visited all the national parks and reserves. We recommend buying a national park pass (quite expensive in my opinion) from UWA to save money. It is not a cheap country to travel within, however, you can always find a way to make it affordable. Uganda is an amazingly beautiful country. - Dec 2021

Getting out of Kampala. Uganda is a gorgeous country. Sipi Falls is a semi hidden gem. - Aug 2020

Great weekend trip options like safaris and mountain waterfall hikes. These have been the highlight. The roads outside Kampala are manageable with gas stations along the way. - Nov 2019

Safaris in Uganda were amazing. Lots of outdoor adventures in Jinja (source of the Nile River). The countryside is gorgeous and its a treat to get out of Kampala. - Oct 2019

Amazing in-country trips for safaris. Loved loved loved Kidepo. And Sipi Falls was a great experience, too. We've had some really fun weekends away with other families, just to hang out at AirB&Bs. In-country travel can be expensive, but if you manage your expectations, it is a rewarding experience. - Mar 2019

The safari experience here leaves just leaves you angry. The parks are good, but accommodations/management poor. That said, it is a highlight, particularly the chimps and gorillas. If I had to recommend something, it would be the birding. Uganda's a world-class destination for twitchers, ruined only by the philosophy that twitchers are targets of opportunity to be milked for all they are worth. - Feb 2019

Hard to say. We loved camping and hiking in the game parks. Mostly what is great about the country is how child-centered the population is. If you have a family with young kids it's wonderful. Anywhere you go the kids are very catered-for and you get lots of help from happy strangers. - Jan 2019

We really like it here. Travel within Uganda is easy and there is a lot to see and do like Murchison, Sipi Falls. queen Elizabeth, and Jinja. - Dec 2018

Amazing housing, excellent schools, amazing weather, accessibility to household help, wonderful friendships with expats and Ugandans, VERY easy living. The national parks are great, although they come with long drives and not so great hotels. I would say that the customer service at most hotels is average at best but expensive. Uganda is still very far behind in terms of their tourism industry and customer service. My favorite trips have been Fort Portal and gorilla tracking in Bwindi. - Oct 2018

There are some fun regional travel opportunities. The national parks are cool but make for expensive trips. - Sep 2018

Seeing the Nile and some friendships I’ve formed - Sep 2018

Uganda has amazing wildlife and the safaris are more authentic here than in more commercial parks in South Africa. My wife and I go out camping in the bush every month, hiring an armed park ranger to camp with us for just $20 a night. The big-five are here, as well as over a thousand bird species. There are none National Parks and over a dozen wildlife reserves you can explore. White water rivers, tranquil lakes, dense forests, savannahs, mountain trails, and glacier peaks! Uganda is perfect for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and African wildlife. Our best trip so far was to Kidepo National Park, rated as the #3 best safari park in all of Africa. We drove the two days to get there, stopping at a remote little know campground at the half-way point. At Kidepo, we hired a ranger to camp with us right in the middle of the park, watching thousands of cape Buffalo run across the valley, and over 100 elephants grazing along the river. At night the stars filled the sky while lions roared in the darkness. In the morning found the lions getting ready to sleep on high rocks just 2km from our tent site. Stunning sunrises, and endless beauty. Kidepo is fantastic - and we were the only ones there in the three days we stayed there. That's the beauty of Uganda - amazing safaris and so few tourists compared to Kenya and South Africa. - Aug 2018

Different national parks, camping along the Nile and crater lakes, the sheer beauty of this country and even the birdlife in the middle of the city in Kampala, the amazing vegetation year round. - Jun 2018

Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, Murchison National Parks, Sipi Falls, Mountain Gorilla treking, and jinja. - Jun 2018

We camp about 50% of our weekends and most people don't take advantage of this opportunity. Camping makes travel affordable and you will get fantastic close encounters with the wildlife that you cannot experience staying in the hotels. - Aug 2015

Great nannies, great house, great garden. Everything grows here. Just stick it in the ground, and it grows (literally). It's quite incredible. - Jun 2014

Visiting the national parks, relaxing poolside at one of several resorts in Kampala, the friends we have made. - Mar 2013


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