Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

None really. This is not a money saving post because you spend it all on traveling and staff. - Jan 2024

You can make a life where you live and really enjoy your neighborhood and local friends. It does not feel like an expat bubble. - Jun 2022

Weather. The abundance of fresh vegetables. National Parks. Easy to get to Europe. - Dec 2021

Affordable help. Good weather. - Aug 2020

The weather and the cool art/crafts to buy. - Nov 2019

Honestly, Kampala was my least favorite part of Uganda. It was crowded and polluted. Once you're out of town, the fun begins. I suppose if you're into a nightlife scene, Kampala never sleeps. - Oct 2019

Great weather, decent work/home balance. - Mar 2019

Great weather, friendly and welcoming local population, plenty of food and restaurant options, English as the main language, and good school options. - Jan 2019

Very cheap, great weather, good restaurants. - Dec 2018

Large homes, amazing weather, great people, great schools, lots of household help, interesting places to visit, EASY LIVING. - Oct 2018

None. - Sep 2018

Access to western foods. - Aug 2018

Climate; it's perfect year round! - Jun 2018

The weather, the cost of living, decent amenities, and relatively safe compared to other African capital cities. - Jun 2018

House help, kid-friendly post, weather, wildlife/parks, cost of living. - Aug 2015

Household help is inexpensive and we've had great luck with nannies. Temperature is good year round. Country is beautiful outside of Kampala. We've also been able to save some money but we haven't traveled much. That's the trade-off. - Jun 2014

Saving money...no. The safaris are getting more expensive than in recent past. The weather....yes! 68-82F all day everyday. On hotter months it will get to around 85F. - Oct 2013

Beautiful weather year 'round, great restaurants, and fantastic safari options. You are only bored if you want to be! - Mar 2013

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