Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Washington, D.C. It is almost 24 hours to get here. Most connections are through Amsterdam, Brussels, Istanbul, or Doha. There is usually a long layover coming from DC to Entebbe and there is usually a stop in Kigali. Entebbe is 45 min to the closest neighborhoods and 1+ hour to the farthest neighborhoods of Kampala. - Jan 2024

Washington DC-Kampala has flights through Brussels and Amsterdam as well as connections through Addis and Doha. Door to door is about 24 hours but can be less or more depending on connections/layover. The airport is easy to manage, not the most luxurious, but it functions well and has a small lounge. There are direct flights to other African cities and allegedly, soon to be more direct flights to Asia, India and Europe with Uganda Airlines. - Jun 2022

Northern Virginia. Through Dubai, Brussels, Amsterdam, Doha, etc. It is fairly easy, but not with pets especially during pandemics with new CDC and airline restrictions. - Dec 2021

Washington, DC. Roughly 16 hours without layover. 8 or so to Europe and another 8 or so to DC. Most itineraries go through Brussels or Amsterdam, but there are also flights through Dubai. Flights tend to arrive and depart from Kampala really late at night. - Aug 2020

Getting to post from DC takes about twenty hours. From Dulles, people take either the direct flight to Brussels or to Amsterdam, layover, then to post. - Nov 2019

Northern VA. It took about 22 hours due to the layover in Amsterdam and 1-hr pit stop in Kigali. - Oct 2019

We call Northern Virginia our home. To get here, it takes about 18 hours flying time plus layovers. Highly recommend spending a night or two in Brussels or Amsterdam on the way to break up the trip. The flights from either land in Kigali for a 1 hour stopover and then head to Entebbe. Then you'll have 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hour drive to Kampala. - Mar 2019

The trip from home to post is long and difficult. Flight times aren't the best, and even the most direct connections still take two back-to-back 10+ hour flights. - Feb 2019

DC/Baltimore, USA. It's long, usually through Amsterdam or it's possible to take direct flight to Addis Ababa and then to Kampala. - Jan 2019

My home city is Los Angeles. It takes about 24 hours to get to Kampala from the USA. On the current contract carrier, flights from the USA arrive in Brussels, then depart Brussels for Kigali (8.5 hours), then on to Kampala (Entebbe airport) (1 hour). Including layovers it is about 24 hours total. I would recommend breaking the trip in Brussels (one or two nights stay) before going on to Entebbe, if you can. - Dec 2018

Washington, DC, and we usually take the direct to Amsterdam and then to Dulles from there. - Dec 2018

East coast of the USA. Not a terrible terrible trip, as there is a layover somewhere in Europe and then another flight to the east coast. - Oct 2018

West Coast, US. I think 25 hours is the shortest but it is usually longer. You usually fly through Brussels and then have one or two stops in the US. - Sep 2018

USA, North Dakota, 28 hours, stop in Minneapolis, Amsterdam, Kigali, and then arrive in Entebbe. - Sep 2018

Kampala requires 30 hours of travel to DC, with connections in either Brussels or Amsterdam. - Aug 2018

Pittsburgh, PA. We take Delta/KLM via Amsterdam - 20+ hrs. - Jun 2018

Washington, DC, which is an 8.5 hour flight to Amsterdam and an 8.5 hour flight from Amsterdam to Entebbe. - Jun 2018

USA - >24 hours via Amsterdam or London - Aug 2015

Washington, DC. 24-36 hours--connecting through Amsterdam with a quick stop in Kigali on the way from Amsterdam to Entebbe. - Jun 2014

Washington DC about 24 hours. You can connect in Brussels, Frankfurt, London, and Amsterdam. - Oct 2013

Washington, DC, to Kampala via Amsterdam is about 22 hrs of travel time. - Mar 2013


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