Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Call/whatsapp restaurant direct. There used to be the Jumia app but they were very unreliable and shut down. The embassy has a great cafe managed by a local vendor and you can order take out from there to bring home for dinner. There are restaurants available, many are indoor/outdoor. The best ones that can be trusted are expensive, and also a drive. - Jan 2024

There is a wide variety-Asian, Latin American, European, Middle Eastern. Every restaurant delivers and the local delivery service has been mostly excellent, with food arriving within an hour of the order being placed on the app. - Jun 2022

Jumia food is a food delivery app. It does not cover some of the areas. Delivery may take forever. Some people have their own Boda guy (motorbike taxi) and use them. Some restaurants have their own Boda delivery guy. Others just use whoever Boda is available around the restaurant and they could ask for a crazy amount of delivery fee. - Dec 2021

Jumia (like uber eats) works relatively well and has a good selection of restaurants. Most restaurants here are pretty mediocre once you get tired of the few good places. There is decent Indian to be had here and there are a couple places that do steak OK, but not consistently. - Aug 2020

Kampala actually has a number of very good restaurants. Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Italian options are here - and quite good. We also have Jumia, a food delivery service which finds my house 85% of the time. - Nov 2019

I either called the restaurant directly that would arrange a motorcycle delivery, or I would use Jumia. - Oct 2019

There is a local restaurant delivery service that works well (Jumia). We love love love the Indian food here. Good Ethiopian too. - Mar 2019

In my opinion, restaurants are of mediocre quality and variety. "It's good for Kampala" is not exactly high praise, but a pretty common qualifier. Fine dining just doesn't really exist, though you'll pay fine dining establishment prices in some locations. In terms of cuisines, in descending order in terms of quality and availability (first being best), the best choices are: Indian, Asian-fusion, Mediterranean, Chinese, Western-European, and local. Local food tends to be extremely bland but filling; meat is cooked till it can do no harm. Take-out is popular and available widely due to the traffic issues. - Feb 2019

There are plenty of restaurants in town, and a few food delivery services. Pretty good options, IMHO. Thai, Indian, Mediterranean, Greek, Italian, some good pizza, etc. - Jan 2019

There are a few American fast food chains (Pizza Hut, KFC) and food delivery is plentiful and inexpensive. Most nice restaurants are located in the greater Kampala area with good/varied food options. - Dec 2018

Lots of great restaurants and food delivery is easy and common. - Dec 2018

There are many good restaurants to choose from and it seems like more are popping up everyday. There is Italian, Japanese, Ethiopian, Pan Asian, Lebanese, Chinese, AMAZING Indian, and the list goes on. JUMIA food is an app that allows you to order food from pretty much any restaurant anywhere in Kampala. They send driver to pick it up and is usually delivered within an hour. It is extremely convenient and cheap. - Oct 2018

There is a variety of food-Indian, Chinese, Italian, American ish, KFC, and Pizza Hut. The Indian food here is good and the others are ok. - Sep 2018

The only good thing here is we have a few nice places to eat. I have had had multiple cases of food poisoning (and I've heard my neighbor has, too) from these upscale and pricey places. Jumia is a food delivery system people use but by the time the food comes it’s cold. - Sep 2018

Few American fast food options, other than Pizza hut and KFC, but Kampala has many wonderful restaurants serving all types of cuisine. Chinese, Lebanese, Japanese, Greek, French and American restaurants are available, and all offer home delivery. - Aug 2018

Any type of food is pretty much available at different restaurants in town. Good reliable food delivery services from all these restaurants as well (Jumia food). - Jun 2018

There is a very convenient delivery service called Jumia that delivers from most restaurants. Indian is very popular here. You can also get so-so pizza, sushi, Lebanese food, and "American" food. - Jun 2018

KFC is here. There are a range of restaurants and they are affordable. - Aug 2015

KFC recently arrived in Uganda and now has two locations. Significantly more expensive than home but sometimes it's worth it. Korean, Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Persian, and American food is available. As I mentioned before, none of it is fantastic, but most of it is decent. Cost is generally US$10-$15 per person, sometimes a bit higher. Coffee here is very good. - Jun 2014

There will be KFC here in November. Plenty of restaurants to choose from. Prices can vary, but it is what it is. - Oct 2013

There are a couple local and South African chain fast food places, although I have never tried them. No McDonald's or other American brands to speak of, although there is a rumor of a KFC coming soon. There are MANY restaurants to choose from and all types of food: Italian, Indian, Asian, even a great SUSHI place. That sounds dangerous in a land-locked country, but it is safe and actually quite good. There is every type of food, and prices run the spectrum, but even the most expensive places still don't compare to DC restaurants.We always feel like we are getting a great deal. Dinner for two with apps, alcoholic drinks, dessert, the works will run about $80-$100 at the highest priced places. - Mar 2013

The usual South African fast food, like Nandos and Steers, which are ok. Great Indian food at Pavement or Khana Khazana. Great Korean food at Arirang. Good Thai food at Krua Thai. THe upscale hotels have good, but overpriced dining. Brunch at the Serena... - Sep 2009

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