Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

No. Uganda passed AHA last year and it's been going downhill. - Jan 2024

Generally cautious due to local laws and culture. - Jun 2022

No. Uganda is not as accepting as other countries. - Dec 2021

No it is not. Uganda does not seem progressive in this regard. - Aug 2020

No, it’s actually illegal here. - Nov 2019

Its extremely challenging from what I observed. A LGBT Ugandan will have to be very careful as there is a large stigma in Ugandan society towards non-heterosexual behavior. - Oct 2019

No. LGBT-related activities are illegal and there have been recent arrests and issues surrounding the enforcement of this law. - Mar 2019

Absolutely not. Uganda tried to make being homosexual a capital offense. The law is still on the books even though it was overturned on a technicality. I understand that members of the LGBTQ community are routinely harassed, and otherwise marginalized. - Feb 2019

Probably not. Uganda has a history of aggressive policies against LGBT folks. - Jan 2019

I’d say no to this. - Dec 2018

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda. - Oct 2018

Definitely not. - Sep 2018

No, I do not think it's accepted here. - Sep 2018

No. Local Ugandan laws and the public lack of acceptance will make LGTB expats very uncomfortable or worse. - Aug 2018

No, Uganda seems to have some serious limitations of gay rights, so that's definitely something to review. I have heard that many LGBT expats are suggested to 're-closet' during their posting here (at least in public). - Jun 2018

I wouldn't think so. Uganda seems pretty conservative and I feel there is hostility towards LGBT issues. - Jun 2018

No. It's a major issue here. - Aug 2015

Absolutely not. If you are an LGBT individual/couple/family, DO NOT COME HERE. The Anti-Homosexuality Act passed recently will complicate your life endlessly and it's simply not worth it. - Jun 2014

No. Local law states that it is illegal and forbidden. - Oct 2013

Homosexuality is technically illegal here. However, there is an active LGBT community here. - Mar 2013

No. Society is very homophobic and can't seem to distinguish between homosexuality and pedophilia. Media love to report on "homos" who recruit young boys from schools. It is illegal, and arrests happen and are public. Society is largely conservative Christian -- and even the well-educated can't seem to see beyond a "mortal sin" on this one. Still, there is a small community, and even some activists. - Sep 2009

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