Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

No. - Jan 2024

Absolutely. It's been a great post for our family, many people extend, both single and married and with and without kids. And the brand new embassy is almost done! - Jun 2022

Our children who enjoyed their school will say “Yes” in a heartbeat. If it were not pandemic time, and I were younger, I may say, “Yes”. - Dec 2021

Tough to say as this is my first expat experience, so I don't have much to compare it to. Many people here extend their tour. Due to traffic and lack of communication/customer service (things that I have a hard time tolerating) I guess I would say "no". That being said, lots of people, especially those with kids, really enjoy their time here. If you can "go with the flow" and convert to "Ugandan time", you'll probably be fine. - Aug 2020

Maybe. Probably. - Nov 2019

Depends on the neighborhood, but, yes. - Oct 2019

Yes. - Mar 2019

No. - Feb 2019

Possibly not. I adore it, but the long times spent in traffic make it somewhat socially isolated. The weather is amazing, but the air pollution makes it not-great to run or bike outside. Morale at the embassy is 'eh.' It's harder here to find a good work/life balance. - Jan 2019

Absolutely! It’s a great family post. - Dec 2018

Absolutely, my family will miss Uganda. - Oct 2018

No. - Sep 2018

Absolutely not, nor would I ever recommend it to anyone - Sep 2018

Yes. - Aug 2018

YES. - Jun 2018

Yes, though I did need to get used to it. The roads seem crazy to me, and the poverty overwhelming, but it is very nice living here. - Jun 2018

Yes; it's a great post and treats us well. However, we take advantage of what Uganda has to offer. - Aug 2015

No. I've learned a great deal and don't regret coming here but I wouldn't do it again and I will be very glad when this tour wraps up. - Jun 2014

For sure. - Oct 2013

ABSOLUTELY. This has been a wonderful experience for my family. We are going to be sad to leave. - Mar 2013

Probably. But I still would not stay more than 2 years. - Sep 2009

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