Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Maybe. Probably. - Nov 2019

Depends on the neighborhood, but, yes. - Oct 2019

Yes. - Mar 2019

No. - Feb 2019

Possibly not. I adore it, but the long times spent in traffic make it somewhat socially isolated. The weather is amazing, but the air pollution makes it not-great to run or bike outside. Morale at the embassy is 'eh.' It's harder here to find a good work/life balance. - Jan 2019

Absolutely! It’s a great family post. - Dec 2018

Absolutely, my family will miss Uganda. - Oct 2018

No. - Sep 2018

Absolutely not, nor would I ever recommend it to anyone - Sep 2018

Yes. - Aug 2018

YES. - Jun 2018

Yes, though I did need to get used to it. The roads seem crazy to me, and the poverty overwhelming, but it is very nice living here. - Jun 2018

Yes; it's a great post and treats us well. However, we take advantage of what Uganda has to offer. - Aug 2015

No. I've learned a great deal and don't regret coming here but I wouldn't do it again and I will be very glad when this tour wraps up. - Jun 2014

For sure. - Oct 2013

ABSOLUTELY. This has been a wonderful experience for my family. We are going to be sad to leave. - Mar 2013

Probably. But I still would not stay more than 2 years. - Sep 2009

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