Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

DPO/Pouch. I would not care to find out Ugandan post works. - Aug 2020

We have a DPO which is not known for its speediness. Usually takes two weeks until it’s in your hands. - Nov 2019

We were fortunate to have diplomatic pouch and diplomatic mail (DPO). I received local mail from time to time, so I know it exists, but can't speak to its efficacy. - Oct 2019

DPO. - Mar 2019

DPO. DPO is life changing. First time I've ever had it, and it is simply amazing. I find it more convenient to shop for groceries on-line and have them delivered via DPO than to try crossing town to make it to the store that might carry the item I want. - Feb 2019

DPO at the embassy. Never used local facilities. - Jan 2019

Via the Embassy. There is a local post office in town, but I have never been to it. - Dec 2018

DPO at the Embassy. - Dec 2018

There is a local postal service but I have never used it. I receive all of my packages through the embassy and have mailed a few as well. To receive packages through DPO it takes about a week, pouch usually takes about ten days. - Oct 2018

DPO or pouch. We only use the embassy mailing services. - Sep 2018

I don’t send anything. I’ve never been to a local facility. We have items shipped to the embassy. It takes two to three weeks. - Sep 2018

We use the embassy DPO and pouch services as well as DHL. - Aug 2018

DPO (pouch), DHL, not sure about local postal facilities, as I have not used them, but I know other expats use different companies that provide shipping services to EU and USA. - Jun 2018

DPO and pouch at the embassy. I haven't used the local mail except for one time when we forgot something at a lodge a few hours away. We were warned that our item would never arrive, but it did, so at least in that one instance, it was useful. - Jun 2018

We just got DPO and the pouch is still available as well. - Aug 2015

The Embassy has a pouch facility and is on the waiting list for a DPO. I don't expect the DPO to open anytime soon, however. - Jun 2014

Currently pouch, but DPO "should" be starting soon. Work in progress! - Oct 2013

US Embassy folks have access to the Diplomatic Pouch. There is also FedEx and DHL, which I have not used, but I imagine they are quite pricey. But at least they are there. There is no residential mail service in Kampala, but there is a post office where you can rent a PO Box. - Mar 2013

Local mail is slow and unreliable. If you have pouch, use it. This post does not have APO. - Sep 2009

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