Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

DPO, do not use local. Although one friend did use DHL to ship a rug with success. - Jan 2024

DPO and pouch. - Jun 2022

If your diplomatic mission has a postal service, that is the best way to do it. The local postal facility (the main one) is somewhat chaotic. It is hard to find a place to park first of all. If you have a driver, you can have him/her drop you off. You cannot seal packages before you send them. First, you need to go to the area that checks the content, then you get an approval paper, then you can seal it. Take it to the window for postage. There is no what is called a service mind. You wait for your turn, and you can let people know if someone cuts you off. There may be a person at the window when you arrive, they may not be anyone at the window because they are on break. The postal service seems to be reliable. I've heard many expats have not had good experiences with independent courier companies. Ask Kampala Expat FB group for more information. - Dec 2021

DPO/Pouch. I would not care to find out Ugandan post works. - Aug 2020

We have a DPO which is not known for its speediness. Usually takes two weeks until it’s in your hands. - Nov 2019

We were fortunate to have diplomatic pouch and diplomatic mail (DPO). I received local mail from time to time, so I know it exists, but can't speak to its efficacy. - Oct 2019

DPO. - Mar 2019

DPO. DPO is life changing. First time I've ever had it, and it is simply amazing. I find it more convenient to shop for groceries on-line and have them delivered via DPO than to try crossing town to make it to the store that might carry the item I want. - Feb 2019

DPO at the embassy. Never used local facilities. - Jan 2019

Via the Embassy. There is a local post office in town, but I have never been to it. - Dec 2018

DPO at the Embassy. - Dec 2018

There is a local postal service but I have never used it. I receive all of my packages through the embassy and have mailed a few as well. To receive packages through DPO it takes about a week, pouch usually takes about ten days. - Oct 2018

DPO or pouch. We only use the embassy mailing services. - Sep 2018

I don’t send anything. I’ve never been to a local facility. We have items shipped to the embassy. It takes two to three weeks. - Sep 2018

We use the embassy DPO and pouch services as well as DHL. - Aug 2018

DPO (pouch), DHL, not sure about local postal facilities, as I have not used them, but I know other expats use different companies that provide shipping services to EU and USA. - Jun 2018

DPO and pouch at the embassy. I haven't used the local mail except for one time when we forgot something at a lodge a few hours away. We were warned that our item would never arrive, but it did, so at least in that one instance, it was useful. - Jun 2018

We just got DPO and the pouch is still available as well. - Aug 2015

The Embassy has a pouch facility and is on the waiting list for a DPO. I don't expect the DPO to open anytime soon, however. - Jun 2014

Currently pouch, but DPO "should" be starting soon. Work in progress! - Oct 2013

US Embassy folks have access to the Diplomatic Pouch. There is also FedEx and DHL, which I have not used, but I imagine they are quite pricey. But at least they are there. There is no residential mail service in Kampala, but there is a post office where you can rent a PO Box. - Mar 2013

Local mail is slow and unreliable. If you have pouch, use it. This post does not have APO. - Sep 2009

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