Kampala - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Through the schools yes, and multiple private instructors for boxing and martial arts. - Jan 2024

Yes, lots of options. Many coaches come to your house for lessons-we have had gymnastics, yoga, piano, art, Spanish and others-all at our house for between 7-10 USD per hour of private lesson. - Jun 2022

Yes. - Dec 2021

Yes, from what I've heard. - Aug 2020

Soccer, running. Ugandans like to jog! - Oct 2019

Soccer is available but not especially well-organized. - Mar 2019

Sort of. There are practically zero spaces for these activities to occur, however. So if it isn't part of a school program, it can be hard to find. - Feb 2019

Yes, there's a lot available. The traffic makes it difficult to make use of it. Our kids like swimming lessons, horseback riding, and dance. - Jan 2019

Plenty of sports are available for kids through the schools and Kabira country club offers tennis lessons and they have a gorgeous pool. - Dec 2018

There are a limited amount of sports and activities outside of the school programs. One of the art teachers from one of the schools offers an art class during breaks kids have from school. I believe there are some tennis classes as well as swimming classes that can be arranged through private teachers. - Oct 2018

Yes, I hear of school kids participating in sports and other activities. - Aug 2018

yes local sports options, as well as music or theater/performing arts are available at post if your child is not interested in after school activities offered at school. - Jun 2018

No. - Jun 2018

There is a ballet class available. There is also horseback riding outside of Kampala for ages >4. Most schools have some sort of activities. - Aug 2015

Limited but available. - Jun 2014

Very limited outside of school. - Oct 2013

Lots available for kids 4 or over: swimming lessons, swim teams, soccer, gymnastics, dance, and horseback riding lessons for the bigger kids. Most of the international schools have their own sports programs as well. - Mar 2013

school-sponsored only. - Sep 2009

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